Daily GIF Design Challenge

GIF (pronounced with a hard ‘g’) stands for Graphics Interchange Format. The moving image format is becoming an increasingly more popular medium for businesses, particularly when it comes to social media and web design. They are more visually appealing than still images, faster and more widely supported than video and also a lot of fun to conceptualise and design! Enter… the daily gif challenge!

To challenge myself, I decided to start creating a new loopable motion design each day for a month. You can find every day here…

Days Complete: 10/30

Daily GIF’s


Day 1 – Ongaku

daily gif motion design animation tape color colour


Day 2 – Say Cheese

daily gif motion design animation camera polaroid instagram color colour


Day 3 – Keep Shooting!


Day 4 – Fuck Yeah, Space

Fuck-Yeah-Space gif


Day 5 – RedWell & Co Header


Day 6 – Milc it


Day 7 – K-O

Skull Gif KO Knockout Redwell


Day 8 – Bitcoaster


Day 9 – Star Wars: Tie Fighter

Star Wars TIE Fighter Design GIF Loop Illustration

Day 10 – Cycling Around

cycling olypics animation cartoon vector motion blue road velodrome

Day 11 – Character Speedart

human character design speedart illustrator

Day 12 – Cut!

cut apple with knife gif cartoon illustration

Day 13 – Don’t Waste Time

neon triangle kaleidoscope dont waste time animation motion loop gif

Day 14 – Flowering

flower pot illustration wall sun gif motion grow

Day 15 – Earthquake


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