EveryDish – Food Classes

EveryDish is an app for Refugee’s to share their recipes and host cooking classes online. For many families, food is still a strong tradition and cooking can be a right of passage. EveryDish gives refugees the ability to share their culture with others, and app users the chance to learn how to create beautiful dishes.

My aim was to keep things as minimal as possible, whilst remaining functional. Recipe class pages are laid out as follows: Dish name, Dietary info, Picture, Prep info, Ingredients checklist (for shopping), and finally the Cooking Method.

More people are becoming aware of their food source, so the ability to sort food by the dietary requirements was imperative. It has become one of the biggest hurdles when planning a meal. By selecting or deselecting certain icons, users can search for dishes that are Vegan, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, contain Meat, and more!

The profile pages give a breakdown of the available chefs and teachers. Their names, countries of origin, and journey are all shown. Each profile allows you to read their recipes, donate, and save them to your favourites.