Google Assistant – Never be late again

What is Google Assistant?

It is a virtual personal assistant developed by Google, primarily for use on mobile and smart home devices. The Assistant can engage in two-way conversations and use data about the user collected from the entire suite of Google Apps.


What’s the problem?

On a commute to a last minute client meeting, I found myself watching the clock and comparing it to Google Maps’ predicted journey time to my destination. This frequent distracted behaviour raised the question, can’t Google worry for me?


The Solution

Any avid Android users will most likely be used to using apps like Gmail, Google Calendar, Maps etc. The thinking is, that if Google has my current location, the location and time of my meeting on Google Calendar (accepted via my Gmail); can assistant do the rest of the work?


By coordinating my current location with the time it takes to travel to my destination (calculated by Google Maps and Calendar), Google’s Assistant could ring my phone with an automated message as it approaches the overall optimum time to leave, reducing my 5 minute search to an 11 second phone call!


Why not just set a reminder? Doesn’t Calendar send you a notification?

Firstly, you could set a reminder, however with a busy schedule and a lifestyle that may revolve around travelling between offices and events, the time it takes for a user to work out travel time and log each journey can be time-consuming and stressful.


Secondly, yes, Calendar by default reminds you of the event 30 minutes before it begins. This is useful if you’re nearby the event, but it doesn’t take into account where in the Country (or World) you are.